SMS Painting LLC can also handle any of your cabinetry refinishing needs. Do you have older cabinets that are still in decent shape but have old, chipping paint? Then give us a call to refinish your kitchen or bathroom cabinets! We can give any cabinet a complete facelift giving new life to your kitchen or bathroom and an updated 21st century color that you will enjoy for years to come.

Most people¬†have the misconception in their mind that since they don’t currently like the color of their cabinets, that they need to completely replace their cabinets and think that it will be too expensive to do so. Though that may be the case with some cabinets usually all your cabinets really need are a fresh coat of paint! Wooden cabinets can last many years, though just like the exterior paint of your house need a fresh coat of paint every couple years in order to protect them and give them new life. So if you are looking to transform the cabinets in you house give SMS Painting LLC a call today for any of your cabinet refinishing needs.

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